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CandI for Vday

Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s just around the corner.

Whether you have a SO or a little gal in your life, you are probably scrolling through Pinterest trying to find a cute idea to get her this year. No? Just me?

Don’t get me wrong, there are some awesome ideas on there. But sometimes I look at those crafty people and what they make and think, “Boy, I’m really lazy.” And keep scrolling.

So for those of us who aren’t super crafty but want something special – I suggest #candi! See below for my jewelry ideas by person. Or see all Valentine’s Day inspired jewelry here.

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Dainty + delicate for the lil sweetheart.

Little Sweetheart:

Cupid’s Arrow Stud Earrings $24

Petites Bejioux Be Mine Ring Set $36

Petits Bijoux Pave Heart Bracelet $42

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Sweet accessories for your bestie.


Jardins du Midi Travel Candle $28

Liquid Lipstick Set $48

Jardins du Midi Eau de Parfum $58

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Pinks, purples, + girly details for the girlfriend.


La Vie en Rose Convertible Ear Climbers $34

Petits Bijoux Circle of Hearts Ring $36

Artisan Crystal Bracelet $48

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For the love of your life – a.k.a. the wife!


La Vie en Rose Double Band Ring $42

La Vie en Rose Statement Cuff $58

La Vie en Rose Collar Necklace $128

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For the one with the biggest heart – your mom!


Jolie Crystal Stud Earrings $28

Retro Glam Square-Cut Crystal Necklace $58

Bouquet Rouge Statement Toggle Bracelet $68

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Don’t forget to show some love to the in-laws!


Take Heart Bracelet $24

Beaded Stretch Bracelet Set $34

Ethereal Chandelier Collar Necklace $68

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And also  your man-crush!


Tie Bar $28

Enamel Hexagon Cufflinks $32

Men’s Braided Leather Wrap Bracelet $38

If you have a specific question for a special person in your life, feel free to comment below and I’ll add a suggestion for you.

Bonus – now through Tuesday, February 6th, 2017, we are offering a FREE gift with your $75 purchase! Great for gifting or getting for your sparkle closet. 🙂


Thanks for stopping by!

Chloe + Isabel Merchandiser



I have a love-hate relationship with being sick. I love that I have an excuse to sit around and binge watch HGTV. I hate not feeling good – obviously.

But this time was very, very different. See, my husband and I have 1 year old twins. And in their first year of life, I’ve only been away from them for a few hours at a time. And mostly while they were asleep.

I’ve been very fortunate to not have gotten sick in their first year. And when I finally did get sick, I didn’t get out of bed for two days. So, I still loved an excuse to lay in bed, but I hated that I needed to be away from my babies – especially because they wanted to be with me.

But my husband was the best! Juggling both kids, me, and his work – like a rock star.

The reason I’m writing this post is not just to brag on my husband. Although, that should be done more. But because not even three days before I got sick, I was being mean. Judgemental. Ungrateful. {And many more adjectives, but we don’t have time for that.} All because I didn’t think this wonderful guy that I married was pulling his weight.

I think what actually happened, when I got sick, was I got a much needed attitude adjustment. Something to take me out of my funk of believing the lie that he wasn’t doing the best he can. I wasn’t taking into consideration all that he was dealing with.

Because we are all human. We all have bad days. We have to take the good with the bad. That’s life. That’s marriage. That’s raising kids.

I was also reminded that I needed to do a little more for myself. Eat better. Sleep more. Sometimes, take care of me, first. Because when you’re not taking care of yourself, you can’t be your best you for your littles!!


What about you – have you ever started to believe the lies that your head comes up with? And how did you get out of your funk?

Pearls, Pearls, Pearls

One of the timeless classics: Pearls. One of the hottest trends right now: Pearls. Basically, if you don’t have a good set of these {or multiple sets} you need one for 2017.

Great for special occasions or the grocery store. You can’t go wrong with this timeless option. Plus, they are great for gifting. {Hello, Valentines Day!}

The great thing about a repeat trend, is it shows up differently the next time around. So we aren’t just talking about a strand of pearls around your neck. {Although, that is still a great statement.} Now, pearls are mixed in with other jewels, media, and metals – that’s what brings it into this decade.

So if you fit one of these categories below, or know a girl that does and has a birthday coming up {hint, hint} pop on over to my boutique and get your very own bracelet, earrings, ring, or necklace.

  1. The “Girly Girl” – this girl loves jewelry, she can’t say no to pearls. There is always an occasion to wear pearls. And if she has multiplies, she can double up! The more pearls the better. Style Suggestion: Chloe + Isabel Heirloom Pearl Statement Bracelet
  2. The “Special Occasion Girl” – this girl doesn’t wear much jewelry, but even she can find a night out to wear them. {Think: holiday parties, girls night, date night.} Style Suggestion: Chloe + Isabel Heirloom Pearl Deco Necklace
  3. The “Rocker Chick” – this girl might be found in black, fringe, or tattoos rather than jewels. But she likes to break the rules anyway; so why not in fashion, too. A leather jacket and pearls? Yes, please. Style Suggestion: Chloe + Isabel Pearl Pave Stacking Ring
  4. The “Vintage Girl” – this girl looooves pearls. {Remember that timelessness of pearls I spoke of earlier?} Yes, she loves a great pearl statement. Style Suggestion: Chloe + Isabel Souviens Threaded Pearl Headband
  5. The “On-fleek Girl” – this girl knows what is on-trend with fashion, up to the moment. She knows how hot these delicate beauties are right now and has already thought of three different outfits to wear them with this week. Style Suggestion: Chloe + Isabel Turquoise + Chain Torsade Necklace

Want a styling suggestion for your personality or price range? Comment below or message me on Facebook for a FREE one-on-one session.

Mix + match to make a true pearl statement. Happy accessorizing!


Creative Outlet

Almost a year ago, I became a Merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel. This company has been a great creative outlet for me. C+I is a Lifestyle Brand. They create great quality costume jewelry and accessories for the trend-setter “Chloe” and the timeless “Isabel.” After you try on your first piece, I know you will fall in love with it just as much as I did. ❤


As a stay-at-home mom, this company has been invaluable. I can work as many {or as few} hours as my little’s allow. Most of my time can be spent online, from anywhere, at any time. As Merchandisers we are the brick-and-mortar stores for Chloe + Isabel; so that is a great way for me to get some “non baby” time. Hanging out with other ladies around food, drinks, and pretties – it doesn’t get much better than that!

Combining my love for fashion, jewelry, + marketing, c+i is a perfect opportunity to let my creativity soar. What about you – what are some of your creative outlets?


Does earning free jewelry credits and free jewelry appeal to you? Comment below if you are interested in hosting a party. There are different types of parties: in-home, online, or a styling session. Online is as simple as a Facebook event. In-home is where you grab several friends and invite them over for a fun time of shopping. And a styling session is a more intimate setting – meeting for drinks/coffee and I work one-on-one with you and a couple friends to find your perfect look.

To see all the pretty things, visit:

Creating Beauty in the Ordinary

Hello love!

I’m Meagan and I’m so honored you stopped by!

In 2017 my resolution was to be more creative. First, let me say, I don’t “do” New Years’ Resolutions. So when I try, they are very broad: Be More Creative. But this year, something changed; I wanted to actually DO something with that statement. So here is the start – a blog. A place to ramble. A place to be creative. A place to be heard {in a very anonymous way – the internet is a very big place people.}

And I know I’m not doing anything special. In fact, I think I’m just trying to do what everyone else is doing…create beauty in the midst of ordinary.

But the way we go about it looks differently for everyone, and that’s what is so special. It’s about our specific journey. Where God is leading us – and how we actually get there. Note: the two do NOT always line up.

Along my journey {so far} I’ve become an older sister. Accepted Christ as my savior. Found a sport I love. Finished school. Gotten married. Kept the same job for 6 straight years. Became a mom. Nothing spectacular. Nothing to win some award for. But everything has been beautiful. Transforming. That’s what life really is: finding the beauty in your ordinary. Because it’s there. All around you. Just waiting…

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