Guys, meal planning is the worst. I’ve always been a “how do I feel tonight” kind of eater, so trying to plan out dinners is NOT my forte. Plus, I’m the worst at the grocery store. I shop the same way, “oh this looks good.” And it totally does. That day. But maybe not tomorrow, or the next day, and now it’s bad. Like I said, I’m the worst!

Now, I’ve been blessed with a picky princess and a 15-month-old-going-on-15-year-old-always-hungry boy! Naturally, something had to change. And really, it HAD to be me.

So, here we are. I’m learning to be creative in my ordinary. Because to me, meal planning can be so ordinary. So boring. So mundane.

But it doesn’t have to be!! Thanks to cookbooks. Thanks to Pinterest. My ordinary is saved! 🙂

And here is the other side – planning. Ugh. I am NOT a great planner. But kids have started changing that as well. {Really, kids change E V E R Y T H I N G!} So now I’ve started a flexible meal planning system for my family.

Here is what that means: We start with a plan. I get groceries for “the plan”. And then life happens. 🙂

So this was the first week of meals…

And during the first week, we already had to change. And that’s just the beginning, I’m afraid. The next week the same thing happened. Sometimes it’s a good surprise that hits us – like we got a meal provided for us. Score! And sometimes it’s just because my day got too crazy for the meal I had planned, so we had to modify the week. Boo.

But here is the great part. I’ve already planned out a few different meals this way, and already got the food in my house. Now, it’s just a matter of being flexible – switching up a couple meals. Or being able to afford going out because we are being smarter with our food purchases and not wasting as much food. Hello, 54th Street!

Bonus – the first couple weeks of meal planning, I realized some of the dishes we ended up having leftovers I wasn’t expecting. So that was another happy flexible moment. Again, learning to be creative in my ordinary – even if it’s just with meals.


Happy Flexible Planning,