It’s been a few rough months of picky eating at our house and I’m tired of picking food up off the floor. I’m pretty sure my littles’ taste buds are changing daily. {We have a dog, and she doesn’t even eat everything the kids drop. Most everything, but not everything.}

Tonight, my kids ate their whole meal and didn’t throw anything on the floor. It seems like it’s been forever since that happened, so I wanted to record it!

Next time you have a desperate moment, like we did, and need an easy meal – here is what we did…

Ground Beef Quesadillas, Cooked Carrots, & Pears. Simple and pantry staples.


First, we do cheese quesadillas often, but I mixed it up tonight by adding some leftover taco meat. Win! {Side note: we started making our own taco seasoning and it’s delicious! Here is the recipe we use. Second side note: I forgot to put cheese in the picture – but there is definitely cheese in our quesadillas. :)}

Next, cooked carrots are a staple in our house. But, since they have been so picky, I went ahead and added a little bit of honey and cinnamon to sweeten the deal. Insta gone!

Last, my kiddos are fruit over veggie kids every day. So to make sure they eat something at every meal I always add fruit. Bonus: it’s also their dessert. Win-Win!

I’m wondering how many of you have been in the same rut?? {And please tell me it passes!}

Hoping this is just a phase, but knowing it will be longer than I want, what are your go-to meals that I can incorporate in our family? I’d love to hear what works with your picky eaters!


Another desperate mom,