“Perhaps your daily bread is financial. Maybe it’s wisdom that you need. Perhaps your daily bread is patience or mercy or love or pain relief. It could be almost anything. When we pray for our daily bread, we remember that God is Jehovah Jireh – our provider – and we recognize that all good and necessary things come from him. And just as he is the One who supplies all of creation with their needs, so he is the One who provides our needs.”

Excerpt from “Known & Loved” by Caryn Rivandeneira.

Read this the other day in my devotional and it really hit home. I find myself often NOT praying for my “daily bread” because we have been blessed with food everyday. But it’s not just about the physical food we need. We have emotional, physical, and spiritual needs everyday. And how often are we praying for those things? And when we do, is it just because we are told to? Or because we actually want those things for our spiritual health? Something to ponder this week…

What about you, how are you creating beauty in your daily bread?