One of the timeless classics: Pearls. One of the hottest trends right now: Pearls. Basically, if you don’t have a good set of these {or multiple sets} you need one for 2017.

Great for special occasions or the grocery store. You can’t go wrong with this timeless option. Plus, they are great for gifting. {Hello, Valentines Day!}

The great thing about a repeat trend, is it shows up differently the next time around. So we aren’t just talking about a strand of pearls around your neck. {Although, that is still a great statement.} Now, pearls are mixed in with other jewels, media, and metals – that’s what brings it into this decade.

So if you fit one of these categories below, or know a girl that does and has a birthday coming up {hint, hint} pop on over to my boutique and get your very own bracelet, earrings, ring, or necklace.

  1. The “Girly Girl” – this girl loves jewelry, she can’t say no to pearls. There is always an occasion to wear pearls. And if she has multiplies, she can double up! The more pearls the better. Style Suggestion: Chloe + Isabel Heirloom Pearl Statement Bracelet
  2. The “Special Occasion Girl” – this girl doesn’t wear much jewelry, but even she can find a night out to wear them. {Think: holiday parties, girls night, date night.} Style Suggestion: Chloe + Isabel Heirloom Pearl Deco Necklace
  3. The “Rocker Chick” – this girl might be found in black, fringe, or tattoos rather than jewels. But she likes to break the rules anyway; so why not in fashion, too. A leather jacket and pearls? Yes, please. Style Suggestion: Chloe + Isabel Pearl Pave Stacking Ring
  4. The “Vintage Girl” – this girl looooves pearls. {Remember that timelessness of pearls I spoke of earlier?} Yes, she loves a great pearl statement. Style Suggestion: Chloe + Isabel Souviens Threaded Pearl Headband
  5. The “On-fleek Girl” – this girl knows what is on-trend with fashion, up to the moment. She knows how hot these delicate beauties are right now and has already thought of three different outfits to wear them with this week. Style Suggestion: Chloe + Isabel Turquoise + Chain Torsade Necklace

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Mix + match to make a true pearl statement. Happy accessorizing!