Hello love!

I’m Meagan and I’m so honored you stopped by!

In 2017 my resolution was to be more creative. First, let me say, I don’t “do” New Years’ Resolutions. So when I try, they are very broad: Be More Creative. But this year, something changed; I wanted to actually DO something with that statement. So here is the start – a blog. A place to ramble. A place to be creative. A place to be heard {in a very anonymous way – the internet is a very big place people.}

And I know I’m not doing anything special. In fact, I think I’m just trying to do what everyone else is doing…create beauty in the midst of ordinary.

But the way we go about it looks differently for everyone, and that’s what is so special. It’s about our specific journey. Where God is leading us – and how we actually get there. Note: the two do NOT always line up.

Along my journey {so far} I’ve become an older sister. Accepted Christ as my savior. Found a sport I love. Finished school. Gotten married. Kept the same job for 6 straight years. Became a mom. Nothing spectacular. Nothing to win some award for. But everything has been beautiful. Transforming. That’s what life really is: finding the beauty in your ordinary. Because it’s there. All around you. Just waiting…