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Creating Beauty in the Ordinary

Creating Beauty in the Ordinary

Hello love!

I’m Meagan and I’m so honored you stopped by!

In 2017 my resolution was to be more creative. First, let me say, I don’t “do” New Years’ Resolutions. So when I try, they are very broad: Be More Creative. But this year, something changed; I wanted to actually DO something with that statement. So here is the start – a blog. A place to ramble. A place to be creative. A place to be heard {in a very anonymous way – the internet is a very big place people.}

And I know I’m not doing anything special. In fact, I think I’m just trying to do what everyone else is doing…create beauty in the midst of ordinary.

But the way we go about it looks differently for everyone, and that’s what is so special. It’s about our specific journey. Where God is leading us – and how we actually get there. Note: the two do NOT always line up.

Along my journey {so far} I’ve become an older sister. Accepted Christ as my savior. Found a sport I love. Finished school. Gotten married. Kept the same job for 6 straight years. Became a mom. Nothing spectacular. Nothing to win some award for. But everything has been beautiful. Transforming. That’s what life really is: finding the beauty in your ordinary. Because it’s there. All around you. Just waiting…

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Birthday Gifting

I’m always really excited when Summer rolls around, especially June, as it’s my birthday month! And yes, we usually do celebrate most of the month. 🙂

This year, however, I want to give back. I’ve been blessed with so much over the course of my life and [especially since having twins] have had so much help!

One way I want to help give back is to donate some of my Chloe + Isabel earnings toward organizations that have impacted my friends’ lives.

Here how that would go…I need 5 different hosts for the month of June to hold a pop-up. 10% off ALL sales made during the party will be donated to the 501c3 organization of the host’s choice.

Won’t you consider joining me? Leave an “I’m in” comment below, and I’ll contact you with more details! I want to help gift YOU this birthday month!!

Looking forward to giving back,

Summer Layers

Summer + Layers. Maybe not something you normally think about together, but you totally should. Because I’m not talking about clothes – I’m talking accessories!

Especially jewelry. In summer when we are all prone to show a little more skin is the perfect opportunity to show off more jewels.

I’m talking about light and dainty necklaces of various lengths worn together.

A bunch of different types of bracelets adorning your arm. {Hello #armparty}

Rings for dayyyyys. That sort of thing.


And right now – today is the last day – Chloe + Isabel is having a Buy 2 Get 1 FREE sale! What are you waiting for? Check out our new summer line and let me know what you think! Visit: to see #alltheprettythings.

What is your favorite summer styling accessory? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Accessorizing!

Flexible Meal Planning

Guys, meal planning is the worst. I’ve always been a “how do I feel tonight” kind of eater, so trying to plan out dinners is NOT my forte. Plus, I’m the worst at the grocery store. I shop the same way, “oh this looks good.” And it totally does. That day. But maybe not tomorrow, or the next day, and now it’s bad. Like I said, I’m the worst!

Now, I’ve been blessed with a picky princess and a 15-month-old-going-on-15-year-old-always-hungry boy! Naturally, something had to change. And really, it HAD to be me.

So, here we are. I’m learning to be creative in my ordinary. Because to me, meal planning can be so ordinary. So boring. So mundane.

But it doesn’t have to be!! Thanks to cookbooks. Thanks to Pinterest. My ordinary is saved! 🙂

And here is the other side – planning. Ugh. I am NOT a great planner. But kids have started changing that as well. {Really, kids change E V E R Y T H I N G!} So now I’ve started a flexible meal planning system for my family.

Here is what that means: We start with a plan. I get groceries for “the plan”. And then life happens. 🙂

So this was the first week of meals…

And during the first week, we already had to change. And that’s just the beginning, I’m afraid. The next week the same thing happened. Sometimes it’s a good surprise that hits us – like we got a meal provided for us. Score! And sometimes it’s just because my day got too crazy for the meal I had planned, so we had to modify the week. Boo.

But here is the great part. I’ve already planned out a few different meals this way, and already got the food in my house. Now, it’s just a matter of being flexible – switching up a couple meals. Or being able to afford going out because we are being smarter with our food purchases and not wasting as much food. Hello, 54th Street!

Bonus – the first couple weeks of meal planning, I realized some of the dishes we ended up having leftovers I wasn’t expecting. So that was another happy flexible moment. Again, learning to be creative in my ordinary – even if it’s just with meals.


Happy Flexible Planning,



Prom season is upon us! I remember that feeling when you finally get into that right dress and everything feels perfect…for about a minute. And then you remember you still need shoes, a purse, some jewelry, and something to cover up – because it’s going to get cold. And then you check your allotted prom spending money and realize it didn’t go as far as you thought it would. 😦

That’s where I come in!

I’m looking for a few girls interesting in hosting a Chloe + Isabel pop-up party – so you can earn those prom jewels for FREE!! It’s simple, just invite a few friends who are also needing their jewelry or hair accessories for prom. That’s it! I bring the food and the pretties.

Encourage your guests to bring their prom dress with them so we can help style her right. Oh, and it would probably be a good idea to bring your mother as well. She can offer timeless advice, and also the checkbook! 🙂

prom hostess

These pop-up parties are just like they sound – they can happen anywhere! A coffee shop, a restaurant, someone’s house, or online!

As the host of the party, you get to control the guest list and the venue. The more jewelry and accessories that are purchased at your party – the more credit you receive to earn your jewels for free! Also, when your party reaches $1,000 in sales, you can receive this gorgeous piece…. {This month only; each month we give away a new piece!}

For anyone not familiar with Chloe + Isabel, I would encourage you to check out their website or see my post about them. But here is a brief overview:

Chloe + Isabel is a lifestyle brand exclusively designed in our NYC studio + inspired by the world around us, each original product tells a story.

Jewelry is our number one products right now, but we also sell hair pieces, lip gloss, scarves, purses, sunglasses, nail polish, candles, and fragrance. Each piece has their own story and design inspiration: either for the trendy Chloe or the timeless Isabel. C+I has your accessories covered!

And I’m so excited to announce that we have new products launching tonight! These new designs are perfect for any special occasion you have: wedding, prom, graduation, you name it. I’d love to hear what you think – drop a note in the comments after you have seen all the pretty things here.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start on your Chloe + Isabel party today!

Happy accessorizing,


No Complaints Dinner

It’s been a few rough months of picky eating at our house and I’m tired of picking food up off the floor. I’m pretty sure my littles’ taste buds are changing daily. {We have a dog, and she doesn’t even eat everything the kids drop. Most everything, but not everything.}

Tonight, my kids ate their whole meal and didn’t throw anything on the floor. It seems like it’s been forever since that happened, so I wanted to record it!

Next time you have a desperate moment, like we did, and need an easy meal – here is what we did…

Ground Beef Quesadillas, Cooked Carrots, & Pears. Simple and pantry staples.


First, we do cheese quesadillas often, but I mixed it up tonight by adding some leftover taco meat. Win! {Side note: we started making our own taco seasoning and it’s delicious! Here is the recipe we use. Second side note: I forgot to put cheese in the picture – but there is definitely cheese in our quesadillas. :)}

Next, cooked carrots are a staple in our house. But, since they have been so picky, I went ahead and added a little bit of honey and cinnamon to sweeten the deal. Insta gone!

Last, my kiddos are fruit over veggie kids every day. So to make sure they eat something at every meal I always add fruit. Bonus: it’s also their dessert. Win-Win!

I’m wondering how many of you have been in the same rut?? {And please tell me it passes!}

Hoping this is just a phase, but knowing it will be longer than I want, what are your go-to meals that I can incorporate in our family? I’d love to hear what works with your picky eaters!


Another desperate mom,


Take an adventure with me and our new Spring collection…All aboard!


Let’s board the train and take in all the colors with our Sunset Vista collection. From the use of Tiger’s Eye, semi-precious Cherry Quarts, Malachite, and light Peach. Plus the use of floral motifs and pearl – just like your train luggage. Because sometimes the vessel you journey in is just as breathtaking as the destination.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Sunset Vista Convertible Stud Earrings and Sunset Vista Pave Wrap Ring

First stop: Budapest.


We start our day with a Misty Morning. Design inspiration is from the sweeping lines and tear drop silhouettes of Hungarian art. Grey, Mother of Pearl, Clear Crystal Pave, Antique Rhodium, and Lavender take over this collection. {Just in time for Easter or Mother’s Day!}

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Misty Morning Statement Bracelet and Bead + Chain Multi-Wrap Bracelet

Next stop: Paris.

Introducing, Parisian Belle. Hints of Montana Blue, Antique Pink, Mint, Opal, and light Peach find their way into this collection. This girl embodies the worldly elegance of a traveling spirit.

Processed with VSCO with f3 preset
Parisian Belle Statement Ring and Parisian Belle Statement Bracelet

Next on our adventure: Istanbul.

Turkish Delight {Have you ever tried this stuff? It’ actually quite delicious!} features Coral, Howlite, Sodalite, and our ever popular blue + silver. Hand-painted tile work is where the inspiration for this collection came from. Plus, we are introducing a new necklace silhouette that you will want to have in your Spring and Summer wardrobe…

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Turkish Delight Convertible Necklace Set

Modern Mosaic has been upgraded! There was already a great line started, but now we have some additions. Filled with Grey and Clear resin over Mother of Pearl with geometric shapes. Taken from the architecture that Turkey has to offer.

Talk about your every day jewelry – these pieces are excellent with denim! What girl doesn’t need more jewels with jeans.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Modern Mosaic Three-Row Convertible Necklace

Thanks for journeying through Europe with me!If you want to see the full collections, {and trust me – you don’t want to miss these!} head over to

Happy Accessorizing!!


“Perhaps your daily bread is financial. Maybe it’s wisdom that you need. Perhaps your daily bread is patience or mercy or love or pain relief. It could be almost anything. When we pray for our daily bread, we remember that God is Jehovah Jireh – our provider – and we recognize that all good and necessary things come from him. And just as he is the One who supplies all of creation with their needs, so he is the One who provides our needs.”

Excerpt from “Known & Loved” by Caryn Rivandeneira.

Read this the other day in my devotional and it really hit home. I find myself often NOT praying for my “daily bread” because we have been blessed with food everyday. But it’s not just about the physical food we need. We have emotional, physical, and spiritual needs everyday. And how often are we praying for those things? And when we do, is it just because we are told to? Or because we actually want those things for our spiritual health? Something to ponder this week…

What about you, how are you creating beauty in your daily bread?

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

“Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other, let us show the truth by our actions.”
1 John 3:18

Who needed to hear this today? This girl. I think I’ve been saying “I love you” a lot – but have I been showing it to anyone? Or just been expecting others to show me? Probably more the latter.

Then all the sudden a situation came up – and I chose to show love. Instead of just complaining, I was able to show someone how much I loved them by my actions. Even though they weren’t being very loving at the moment. 😉

Because, we all know actions speak louder than words.

What practical way can you SHOW SOME LOVE today?

Creating Beauty in My Ordinary,

Mighty Flood of Justice

“Instead, I want to see a mighty flood of justice, an endless river of righteous living.” Amos 5:24

If God wants to see something, he can make it happen. But I think he wants to see his people turn back to Him, on their own. He wants to see his people want to see justice in this world as much as He does. So much that we will ask, “What can we do?” and “When do we start?”


I think we can simply start with the people around us, our neighbors. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s a mighty flood and an endless river. It’s all of us doing our part. And it’s not just in our neighborhood. It’s around the world. Partnering with others who are “fighting the good fight.” {1 Timothy 6:12 / 2 Timothy 4:7}


Those like:

These links are mostly for the Kansas City area. But your area should have a similar program or organization available.

And to answer “when do we start?” – how about now? Was one of your resolutions for 2017 to help others?  Then what are you waiting for?!? Create the beauty you want to see in the world – go volunteer!

I’d love to know, who do you partner with that is also “fighting the good fight”?

“Fight the good fight for the true faith.” 1 Timothy 6:12


P.S. These pictures were all taken on my husbands and my {probably} last cool vacation ever – the Dominican Republic! And I say “probably” because, ya know, we have kids now. =] So here are a couple more pics of me, trying to stay out of the ever increasing tide. Man, that sure was a spectacular place!

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